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About Us

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Our History

As with every family, we have a story. Ours is a story about faithful people doing extraordinary works through the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. However, the center of our story does not focus on us, but on one man who came to die for us. This means that sacrifice lies at the very heart of what God has been doing at First Assembly since it began in 1940. It all starts with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and what He continues to do among us today. The foundation of everything we have done and will continue to do in the future is a sacrificial love for Jesus and a sacrificial love toward our family members. After all, this is a great definition of what a family is. It is a group of people who care more about others than they do themselves. And this is what God has been in search of since the beginning of time. A family that would follow Him wholeheartedly, love each other unreservedly, and declare His praises to the world. First Assembly is just that. Not an organization who simply gets things done, but a family of believers that is fueled by a passionate commitment to carry out the Great Commission that Jesus gave us over two thousand years ago.


Since our inception we have been one family centered on Jesus, living one message, focused on one mission. This family began when one family had a desire for a Sunday school that their children could attend. That dream inside the heart of that one family gave birth to what we know as First Assembly today. Through the power of the Holy Spirit hundreds of children are now being impacted reflecting the unity of our vision. In addition, we are a family that seeks to live the message of Christ and not just preach this message. Comprised of various generations we are endeavoring to live the message that Jesus has placed inside of us. Whether it be in the home of a church member, a bike shop on First Street, an outdoor tent, a renovated house on Fifth Street, or the current location where we now meet, one thing is certain. We have sought to live God’s message wherever we are and wherever we go.

Finally, we are focused on the one mission Jesus gave us to win disciples for Christ, baptize them, and teach them how to obey His message. A single-minded focus on this mission has proven to be fruitful. While years have past, God remains the same and every week we gather together He is adding to our family. Consequently, our baptismal tank is often full and we are taking people by the hand teaching them the truths of Jesus Christ and how to incorporate those into their lives. The Gospel message is moving forward in Henderson unhindered, and has been doing so for seventy-five years because of faithful people who have been used by the Holy Spirit to see and accomplish extraordinary results.

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